Please see below a list of key point to remember when you are reporting a repair for your home...

1. Tenants must immediately report any repairs which are the responsibility of BHEMB including blocked drains, leaks and anything perceived as a defect in the structure of the property.

2. Tenants must allow Council employees, BHEMB employees or their agents’ access to the property at all reasonable hours to inspect its condition and/or carry out the necessary repairs.

3. In an emergency BHEMB or Council employees (or their agents) may enter the property using force if necessary if there is reason to believe there is a risk of personal injury or damage to a neighbouring property.

4. Where a battery operated smoke/fire detector or alarm is fitted within the tenancy responsibility for maintenance, including the renewal of batteries rests with the tenant. Any such fittings must not be removed from the premises.

5. Any tenants using communal areas such as staircases, landings and passages must co-operate with their neighbours, Council and BHEMB staff in keeping them clean and free from obstruction.


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